Tokyo Ghoul meme 
Favorite Characters (1/5):
Kaneki Ken


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Just now, wasn't that the boy who...?


Akame ga Kill! ep 12 » Chelsea

"Recently I came back from a job and my whole team was killed. I don’t want that to happen to everyone here."


So here you go, both of Ali Hills and Laura Bailey confirmed that they aren’t doing Claire’s voice in Revelations 2 

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some doodle after finishing biohazard 6 with my dream team (☍﹏°) ….

I hate you capcom………(☍﹏°) ..I demand a happy ending for each and everyone of them…….btw I get it now, why my friends said that piers is the little puppy but jake is the price of the game this time  (ˊ_>ˋ)

time to bed now, goodnite

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fnaf humanized!! tell me what you all think!!

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